Zhong Xin Law Office(China Legal Affairs Centre)

As a big-scale Comprehensive law firm in China, Zhong Xin Law Office was founded in Feburary 1985. It used to be the China Legal Affairs Center (hereinafter “the Centre”) which was ratified and administered by the Ministry of Justice. A number of distinguished Chinese lawyers, such as Ren Jisheng, Ren Guojun, Duan Zhengkun, and Gao Zongze etc., had been the head of the Center in succession.

In August 1985, the Center became a partnership which was still under direct leadership of the Ministry of Justice and changed the name to Zhongxin Law Office (hereinafter “our Office”).In July 2001, the Office went under the administration of the Bureau of Justice of Beijing city.

There are more than 80 practicians in our Office including a number of senior lawyers. Most of the lawyers have doctor degrees and master degrees. Some lawyers used to study in Yale and Harvard, some of which are qualified as foreign lawyers. Some have working experience in judicial system, ministry of finance, state planning committee, big banks, Securities Regulation department, assets management companies, insurance companies, and accounting firms. Besides the competence of lawyer, some members in our Office are also qualified as CPA, trademark & patent agent and international arbitrator, etc..

In addition, we have many personages with background and working experience in financial institutions, investment bank, Supreme Court and Supreme Procuratorate, and a number of celebrated and influential professional counselors. It is an advantage of our Office in litigation/arbitration and NPA of bank.

The headquarter of our Office is located in Rm.668, Tower A, Towercrest Plaza, Beijing. We have and will have branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu.

We have paid much attention to develop long-term collaboration with other institutions or agencies, especially local accounting firms, law office, evaluation firms, auction firms, investigation firms, which help in our providing comprehensive legal service with predominance than other law firms.

Our Office is focused on servicing large & middle scale clients, for instance, being long-term legal counselor of or act as the attorney in litigation and/or arbitration for large-scale enterprises, governmental departments, state-owned commercial banks and international enterprises. We have established long-term stable collaboration with large & middle scale clients. Such goal determines our legal service with high standard and strict requirements.

To ensure providing high-quality legal service, our Office has very strict inside management system based on the principle of “centralized coordination, administration on levels and respective responsibility”.

Firstly, we have several different departments headed by partners or experienced lawyers. All the coordination is conducted by Mr. Wang Yunjie, the deputy director of our Office.

Secondly, all the business will be checked according to their importance. One to two lawyers are in charge of common business, and shall report to department chief. All such documents as the legal opinions, litigation scheme, litigation documents, which need to be reported in the Law Office’s name, shall be checked by department principal. For the cases with huge amount, departmental principal shall report to the law office’s director after preliminary check to get the final approval and signature by the director.

Thirdly, we have detailed procedures and standards for every different business, and we have also specified requirement for lawyers’ practicing, such as collectively filing, making detailed schedule and full record, etc. Also we require the lawyers to conduct discussions in their business.

Last, we have supervision and penalty system. We have independent examiners for every business, and lawyers’ income shall be linked with their service quality, which has got good effect.

Our rationale is “Law serves the Society” and we are dedicating ourselves to enhancing our personnel’s competence and quality of service to provide first-rank legal service to the society with the goal of maximizing the clients’ interest.

Our goal is always to offer quality legal services, which will be conducted by proper professionals.
Clients are always our most important consideration.



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